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"New Light Photography is committed to providing our clients with no less than what they want, and no more than what they need."

At New Light Photography, we appreciate the fact that each celebration is unique, and that many pre-determined packages may not fit the occasion, or seem much too costly. Therefore, our pricing scheme is based completely on your custom needs and desires.

Fixed prices:

$150 / hour - base cost for primary photographer and shooting assistant
$200 - all high resolution photographs copied to disk for your own, limitless reprint options
$40 / professionally hand-tinted photo (specific image and tinting technique to be determined after the wedding)

Options (if you choose not to purchase disk):

$30 per 8x10 enlargement
$20.00 per 5x7 enlargement
$5.00 per 4x6 reprint

*In general, a wedding and reception constitutes 300-450 pictures.

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Please note: prices listed above are subject to change over time.

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